Elyptol Australia: Hand Sanitiser Products | What to Look for in Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Elyptol Australia: Hand Sanitiser Products | What to Look for in Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

What to Look for in Hand Sanitiser Dispensers 

Once a staple in hospitals and other businesses requiring a high level of hygiene, hand sanitiser dispensers have now crept into every part of our lives. From buildings and office blocks, to restaurants and store fronts, there are very few businesses where you won’t find a conveniently placed hand sanitiser dispenser or two. But adding a hand sanitiser dispenser to your work place does mean knowing what to look for, and what to avoid. Because not all are suited for high-traffic use. 

Why Should I Use Hand Sanitiser? 

Good hygiene that includes good hand hygiene not only contributes to keeping you healthy, it also reduces the risk of you spreading germs and disease. Every day we touch multiple surfaces that have also been touched by dozens of other people, transferring germs and bacteria to and from our hands. At the same time, we unconsciously touch our faces many times; rubbing our eyes or noses, and putting our hands to our lips. These are all excellent pathways for viruses and bacteria to enter our bodies and make us sick, and washing your hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and water is the most effective way to keep them clean and free of disease-spreading pathogens.  

But this isn’t always possible, and the introduction of hand sanitiser dispensers in various high-traffic and high touchpoint areas can help keep your hands free from many disease-causing germs and bacteria. Hand sanitisers consisting of at least 60% alcohol can–when properly applied–kill a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteriareducing the risk of you getting sick. 

Can Soap Dispensers Be Used for Hand Sanitiser? 

Hand sanitiser dispensers are in high demand, so it can sometimes be difficult to find stock. In such a scenario, you might be tempted to use soap dispensers instead. However, while some soap dispensers might work as hand sanitiser dispensers, you should be aware of two things: 

  1. With a lower boiling point than that of water, alcohol evaporates faster and more easily than water. Any soap dispenser used for hand sanitiser should have an airtight dispenser or inner tank to prevent evaporation. 
  1. The inner tank/dispenser and the valves of the dispenser might not be suited for use with liquid or gel sanitisers. They could end up dispensing too much or too little hand sanitiser, while also being susceptible to corrosion caused by the alcohol content of the sanitiser. 

What to Look for in Hand Sanitiser Dispensers 

The shortcomings of soap dispensers for hand sanitiser also highlight the need for paying closer attention to actual hand sanitiser dispensers. This is less about looking for flaws and more about considering whether one specific dispenser meets your needs better than another. 

  • The type of dispenser. You get both wall mounted dispensers and free-standing dispensers that can be stood on the floor or placed on a countertop. And these can either be automatedtouch free, or manually operated. All can be as effective as the others, but work better in different locations. So, before buying any dispensers, first establish where you are going to position them before deciding which type would work best at each location. Automated sanitiser dispensers are battery operated, so they should be used in areas where they can be checked regularly. 
  • Design and ruggedness. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are corrosive, so you need to know the dispenser is designed with this in mind, otherwise you are going to be replacing dispensers regularly. And while you want dispensers that can hold a higher volume of sanitiser, they shouldn’t be so bulky that they take up space and are vulnerable to hard bumps and knocks. Dispensers with floor stands should have a stand that is still free-standing, not one that needs to be bolted into place. However, the stand should still be secure, with a weighted base to prevent it from tipping over too easily. 
  • Capacity. Dispensers with a small capacity will need to be refilled more frequently, so ensure any hand sanitiser dispensers positioned in high-traffic areas can hold a suitable quantity of sanitiser. 
  • The type of sanitiser they dispense. You get both gel and liquid (spray) sanitisers, but some dispensers are designed only for one or the other. Look for dispensers that can accommodate both, so if you ever run out of the one type of hand sanitiser you can easily switch to what is available without having to replace the dispenser. 
  • Locally manufactured. Buying dispensers that are locally manufactured doesn’t only mean supporting a local business, it also means having access to better support and even replacement parts for your dispensers. And in some cases it also means having easier access to quality hand sanitiser designed for use in specific dispensers. 

Where Can I Buy Hand Sanitiser Dispensers? 

Many businesses have expanded their range to now include hand sanitiser and hand sanitiser dispensers. But shopping for dispensers online is still a lot more convenient. It doesn’t only mean being able to compare the features and design of different dispensers, it also means immediately knowing what is in stock. Visiting a physical store might see you only having access to a limited range of dispensers, with no guarantee beforehand that the store you visit will also have stock available. 

Elyptol is not only Australian owned but all our products–from a wide range of hand sanitising products, to carefully designed hand sanitiser dispensers–are also Australian made. Our sanitisers are environmentally friendly and made using 70% Ethyl Alcohol with the addition of carefully selected ingredients to moisturise your skin while also reducing the risk of allergic reactions. And our range of products include personal-use and commercial-use sanitisers, so you’ll find something suitable for carrying on you and installing at your workplace. 

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