Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Product / Ingredients

Eucalyptus oil has a number of natural benefits including sanitising and moisturisation which enhance the benefits of our skin and surface hygiene products while also providing a natural fresh scent. Elyptol does not use any artificial fragrances.

100% of Elyptol’s ingredients are derived from plants and other natural ingredients such as water and plant-based lactic acids. The core ingredients are eucalyptus oil from the plant leaves; ethanol fermented from corn and/or sugar cane; vegetable glycerine and plant-based lactic acids. Elyptol also contains water and natural cellulose used for gelling.

This product has professional and cosmetic status and the ingredients are all approved for use in compliance with the FDA and the relevant Australian regulatory bodies – TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and NICNAS (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme).

Shipping Information

Please refer to the below on current transit days across the USA

*Due to COVID-19, please note there may be a delay on dispatching your order. Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your patience.


Australian Orders

Metro Deliveries in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland

2 – 5 business days


South Australia

Up to 7 Days business days


Western Australia

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Product Availability

Elyptol plans to expand to full international availability by 2017.

Elyptol products can be found online and in select stores around the world. Some products are not immediately available in all areas. Click on “Shop Online” above to purchase online.

Testing / Safety

Yes, the Elyptol hand gel has been used for over one and a half years by many Australian NSW ambulance service members without any negative effects being reported. Australia’s Creek Street Christian College have also been using the hand gel and hard surface wipes for over one and a half years without any negative impact reports. Veterinary, industrial and medical practitioners continue to use the gels and wipes and testimonials can be provided upon request. NSW health adopted the hand gel and wipes on state tender in August 2012.

No, Elyptol is not tested on animals. In fact, Elyptol has a broad safety profile and is used by many veterinary practices.

The product has been tested on humans with skin patch test, EN 12791 surgical hand rub study and EN 1500 hand rub sturdy and TEWA & Corneometre skin moisturising studies. [For more specific information or requests on the product or testing procedures please send us your inquiries on our contact page].


Elyptol does not require rinsing with water so it is a natural solution for hygienic hands while on the go or where soap and water are not available.

The product has a 2 year shelf life at present if used and stored in accordance with the directions on pack.

The skin care line of gels, rubs and wipes were designed for frequent use, and can be used frequently or repeatedly throughout the day.

The gels and rub product can be used on children. Please adhere to the caution statement and “keep out of reach of children” only letting them use under adult supervision. The product should be used on hands or as a topical skin antiseptic on non-sensitive skin, keeping away from mucous membranes. The product is not recommended for infants.

The product can be used on adults and children but we advise against use on infants. The product should only be used on general skin areas and not on sensitive skin parts such as the groin area or face.